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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.
4th Year. 19 turning 20.

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Some of my wants and needs:

sneak peak about me:

  • Initials:

  • Hobbies:

  • Address:

  • College:

  • High School:

  • Elementary:

  • I love God and my family
  • Female
  • Short hair
  • height: 5'2
  • First child and I have 1 sis
  • shy type
  • quiet all the time and "kalog" sometimes :D
  • I'm not that kind of person who'll greet you first because (shy type nga) haha
  • graduating student in Palawan State University
  • when at home, I have this short-tempered in my sister(idk why?)
  • Not a party girl (school, bahay lang eh)

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